3CX Add-Ons

3CX Add-Ons

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3CX 911 Notifier by VoIPTools

You have complete control over 911 notifications with 3CX 911 Notifier. You control the content of notifications, who is notified, and how they are notified (email, SMS, and phone call). Show emergency responders exactly where the problem is located. This is a "MUST HAVE" solution for educational facilities and businesses with multiple buildings.

3CX Audio Scheduler by VoIPTools

Schedule custom paging announcements or tones with 3CX Audio Scheduler. Use it to notify staff of break times, shift changes and more.

3CX Call Counter by VoIPTools (Free)

This free utility allows you to monitor your simultaneous calls in real-time, and graph utilization over time. You can set a warning threshold and be notified by email when 3CX is approaching your maximum permitted simultaneous calls.

3CX Call Router

3CX Call Router gives you custom control over how inbound calls are routed. Note: this is not a single product, but a collection of routing products. Call us to discuss your call routing needs.

3CX Click-to-Call by VoIPTools (Free)

This FREE utility enables your customers to enter their phone number and immediately receive a phone call from your customer service Department.

3CX Competitive Wallboard by VoIPTools

Now you can monitor the activities of your inbound / outbound call center with 3CX Competitive Wallboard. This web application allows managers and agents to view in real-time each agent's performance and whether they have met their weekly and monthly call quota.

3CX ConnectBooster Integration

With 3CX ConnectBooster Integration you get paid faster! Improve cash flow! Offer your customers the convenience of paying over the phone, anytime they wish. Payments are easy to make and automatically synced to QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics.

3CX CRM Plugin for AutoTask by VoIPTools

This 3CX Phone integration provides screen pops, auto ticket creation, attaching recordings to contacts, priority routing for VIP customers and much more.

3CX CRM Plugin for ConnectWise by VoIPTools

This 3CX Phone integration provides screen pops, auto ticket creation, attaching recordings to contacts, priority routing for VIP customers and much more.

3CX CRM Plugin for Zendesk by VoIPTools

You asked for it, you got it! The new 3CX CRM Plugin for Zendesk

3CX Dialer by VoIPTools

Dial phone numbers from your database for appointment reminders, scheduled deliveries, or debt collection. Provide custom messages for each call, and route calls to a customer service representative.

3CX Enhanced Billing Codes by VoIPTools

Do you need to enforce the use of account codes? Perhaps you wish to charge back the cost of calls to a specific department? Do you need additional security? Then you need 3CX Enhanced Billing Codes!

3CX Exporter by VoIPTools

Automate the export of 3CX Call Detail Records (and more) to SQL Server or MySQL with this simple to use add-in. Perfect for creating custom reports!

3CX Florist Integration

Designed specifically for florist shops, this add-on performs screen pops for MAS and RTI accounting systems. Need to know when a delivery takes place? Have your drivers dial in and enter an account number and delivery code to automatically update your accounting system.

3CX Holiday Importer by VoIPTools (Free)

This FREE utility simplifies the task of updating the holiday schedule in 3CX. Quickly import all your national and religious holidays through the year 2029.

3CX Http API by VoIPTools

Our 3CX Http API makes it easy to integrate phone functions into your applications. By abstracting the complexities of the 3CX Call Control API into a simple-to-use API, even a novice programmer can integrate with 3CX.

3CX Monitor by VoIPTools

3CX Monitor is a perfect diagnostic tool for monitoring call progress from "dialing" to "disconnect". With this tool you can see all the events of a call. You can follow the path the call took, and see a complete list of attributes.

3CX On Call Manager by VoIPTools

Paying for an expensive after-hours answering service? With 3CX On Call Manager you can create recurring on-call schedules for staff to respond to after-hours support requests. Includes support for "live answer" or voicemail notifications (phone, email, SMS) with 30 levels of escalation.

3CX On Call Manager Enterprise by VoIPTools

With 3CX On Call Manager you can schedule staff to respond to after-hours support requests. A web portal allows you to manage schedules and respond to requests.

3CX Post Call Surveyor by VoIPTools

Create Phone Surveys with 3CX Post Call Surveyor.

Have you always wanted to get feedback from your callers? Wish you could survey your callers to measure the quality of your service? Now you can with 3CX Post Call Surveyor!

3CX Queue Notifier (Chime) By VoIPTools

Do you need an audible chime when too many people are waiting in the queue? This add-on enables you to set a threshold for the maximum number of people in the queue or maximum hold time.

3CX Recording Manager Enterprise by VoIPTools

Do you want the ability to manage recordings from multiple 3CX Servers in one central web portal? You can do it with 3CX Recording Manager -- Enterprise Edition.

3CX Relay Agent

This FREE utility is used exclusively by VoIPTools products to communicate with 3CX either locally or in the cloud.

3CX Surveyor by VoIPTools

3CX Surveyor is a dialer solution that enables agents to place calls, read survey scripts, and record information into a database. Includes a built-in mini CRM! See per agent pricing below.

3CX Voicemail Manager by VoIPTools

With 3CX Voicemail Manager you can automatically forward voicemails to distribution groups, receive text transcriptions of your voicemails, archive (compress) voicemails, and access your voicemails remotely using a simple web portal.

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3CX Recording Manager by VoIPTools

With 3CX Recording Manager you can easily manage (search, play, download, archive, compress, delete, purge, score, and add notes) your call recordings using a simple web portal.