3CX Audio Scheduler by VoIPTools

Schedule custom paging announcements or tones with 3CX Audio Scheduler. Use it to notify staff of break times, shift changes and more.
Manufacturer: VoIPTools

With 3CX Audio Scheduler you can schedule the playing of tones or alarms over your paging system (and phones).  3CX Audio Scheduler is great for notifying employees of break times, shift changes, and more.  You can schedule multiple alarms throughout the day.  You can play custom tones to meet your specific needs -- including fire alarms, tornado warnings, or shift change notifications.  3CX Audio Scheduler is a perfect solution for Schools, Airports, Shift work.

 What's New

  • Compatible with 3CX Version 15
  • Greatly simplified administration of scheduled audios
  • Upload custom audio files
  • Play an unlimited number of different audio files
  • You can page to any device type including traditional overhead paging, phones, PA1 (and similar products)
  • Improved installer allows you to add, edit, delete and run scheduled audio directly from the configuration screen
  • 3CX Version 12 or higher
  • Microsoft .Net 4.5.1
  • VoIPToys Relay Agent (free)

Version 15.0.14  September 23, 2016


Version 2.5.0  September 30, 2014

  • Upgraded to support 3CX Version 12
  • Added support for 3CX Relay Agent
  • Added the ability to add, edit, delete, and run scheduled audio directly from the configuration screen
  • Added support for .Net 4.5.1
  • Added additional logging
  • Simplified configuration syntax
  • Added usability enhancements
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