3CX Call Router

3CX Call Router gives you custom control over how inbound calls are routed. Note: this is not a single product, but a collection of routing products. Call us to discuss your call routing needs.
Manufacturer: VoIPTools
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 3CX Call Router by VoIPTools

3CX Call Router represents several solutions under the Call Router name.  Some of the solutions include the following:

Route By Area Code:  This solution extracts the Area Code from the inbound Caller ID number, looks up the area code in a database, obtains the corresponding extension and routes the call to this extension. 

Route By Caller ID (Prompt for Authorized Number):  This solution captures the inbound Caller ID number, looks for the Caller ID in a database and if found routes the call to the support extension.  If the Caller ID is not found, it prompts the caller to enter in the authorized phone number.  The caller is given a number of attempts to enter the correct number, and will route the call to voicemail if unsuccessful.

Route By Caller ID (Simple):  This solution obtains the inbound Caller ID and if found in a database, routes to a specified extension and if not found routes the call to a "default" extension.

Route By On-Call Schedule:  This solution compares the current date / time to a On-Call schedule.  If the call is within the scheduled support hours / days, the call is forwarded to the scheduled employee, otherwise the call is forwarded to voicemail.

Delivery Status:  This solution looks up the Driver based on Caller ID, prompts for several pieces of information,  then builds and sends an encoded email.  The email is then imported into a CRM to update the order status.

Custom Solutions:  Don't see what you need listed?  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.  We can often have a solution ready for you in just a few short hours!  Your solution can be surprisingly affordable.

 How does 3CX Call Router Work?

3CX Call Router solutions are written using the 3CX Voice Application Designer (VAD).  VAD applications are designed to enable you to manipulate INBOUND phone calls.  When installed, a VAD application is assigned an extension and you forward inbound calls to this extension just as you would any other call.  When the call is received at the assigned extension, the VAD application processes the inbound call.


  • Each solution is sold separately
  • 3CX Versions 11 through 14 (Paid Edition)
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