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Our 3CX Http API makes it easy to integrate phone functions into your applications. By abstracting the complexities of the 3CX Call Control API into a simple-to-use API, even a novice programmer can integrate with 3CX.
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Missing the 3CX HTTP API that was removed for 3CX V14?  Our Http API makes it easy for even novice programmers to incorporate 3CX phone functions into your applications.  The API includes the following methods:

  • Barge-in
  • Drop Call
  • Listen
  • Make Call
  • Outbound Caller ID
  • Park Call
  • Record
  • Transfer
  • Whisper

The API is self-documenting.  To display the syntax for a given method, simply call the method without any parameters and the API will return the required syntax along with examples.  This makes working with the API simple.  For example, to display the syntax for the WhisperTo method, simply call the method by browsing to http://localhost:5505/WhisperTo.aspx and the following table will display:


Our API extends the existing 3CX API methods, and adds new API methods.  For example, our MakeCall method has the following additional features:

  • All parameters are validated to ensure extensions, queues, ring groups, and shared parking orbits exist
  • Enforces security by requiring a PIN for extension parameters
  • Adds an optional parameter to swap the outbound Caller ID before placing a call
  • Supports a default tenant
  • Adds an optional parameter to override the default tenant

 Sample Code

Using the API is very simple.  For example, you can call the API from a .Net application (Windows or Web Form) as follows:

1.  Add two references:  

using System.Net;
using System.Text;

  2. Execute the following code:

// Example URL 
String url = "http://localhost:5505/MakeCall.aspx?ext=100&pin=1234&to=101";

// Call the API and receive result
using (WebClient Client = new WebClient()) {
    String result = Encoding.UTF8.GetString(Client.DownloadData(url));

Application Requirements:

  • 3CX Version 12, 12.5, 14, 15
  • .Net Framework 4.6.1 (and above)
  • Internet Information Server 7.0 (and above)
  • The VoIPTools Relay must be installed directly on the 3CX server
  • The API can be installed on a separate server (recommended)


Licensing Requirements:

  • A separate license is required for each server utilizing the API.
  • A license is not required for workstations.

Revision History:

Version 15.0.16  March 22, 2017

  • Modified Recording API to allow empty 'who' parameter (assumes only one call)


Version 15.0.14  January 26, 2017

  • Added support for the latest VoIPTools Relay
  • Upgraded web controls
  • Fixed installer issue
  • Improved upgrade process

Version 15.0.9  September 13, 2016

  • Added support for 3CX V15
  • Added support for Multitenant

Version 14.0 4  March 28, 2016

  • Added support for 3CX V14

Version 2.0.3 July 30, 2014

  • Enhanced to use the 3CX Relay Agent

Version  September 25, 2013

  • Fixed bug in DropCall

Version    April 25, 2013

  • Added Outbound Caller ID method
  • Enhanced MakeCall method to permit swapping of outbound Caller ID

Version    April 24, 2013

  • Initial Public Release
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