3CX On Call Manager Enterprise by VoIPTools

With 3CX On Call Manager you can schedule staff to respond to after-hours support requests. A web portal allows you to manage schedules and respond to requests.
Manufacturer: VoIPTools

Note: Version 15 of 3CX On Call Manager does not currently support first-level queues.  We must wait for 3CX to release Voice Application Designer (VAD) for 3CX V15.

"On-Call manager has been a great improvement over the live-answer call center our organization used. Not only is our on-call schedule always up to date now, but the [paid answering service] errors in call back name and number have been... eliminated."

Woodie Bowe
Director of Technical Services
SSD Technology Partners
SSD Technology Partners
  "We've been using 3CX On Call Manager for over a year now.  While performing a critical emergency function for our business, it has proven to be very reliable and easy to use.  We were previously using an answering service with mixed results and now we're not only saving money, we've reduced our on-call response time dramatically."

Donovan Niesen
Services Manager

New! Enterprise Edition Features:

  • Monitor multiple voicemail boxes
  • Support for first level queues

Having trouble taking care of your customer’s requests for help when your support staff aren’t working? Not if you have 3CX On Call Manager.

If you receive calls from customers outside of business hours, you may need to have someone available to help them. 3CX On Call Manager seamlessly integrates with 3CX and makes automated notifications easy while enabling you to provide better service to your customers.

Now when your customers are sent to a support queue, 3CX On Call Manager will search a calendar to see who is scheduled to handle after-hours support calls.  3CX On Call Manager will log your scheduled agents into the queue automatically.  

If the max queue hold time is exceeded, the caller will be asked to leave a voicemail.  3CX On Call Manager will automatically notify your staff that there is an open support request. In addition to calling your staff on the phone, the program can send text messages, and emails with a copy of the customer’s voicemail for your staff to hear, along with a text transcription of the voicemail.

3CX On Call Manager provides multiple levels of notification. You can configure how staff are notified, how many times you want 3CX On Call Manager to notify an employee, and how long to wait between notifications.  If an agent doesn't respond, 3CX On Call Manager will escalate notifications to the next agent.

A web portal makes it easy for you to set up staff preferences, administer the schedule, review a log of support requests and notifications, and update the status of the support requests.

Having a event log makes it easy to track after-hours support requests, monitor compliance with service level agreements, and track staff performance.

3CX On Call Manager makes sure you are notified of support requests, and helps you provide timely responses to those requests.  3CX On Call Manager ensures quick responses to help requests, and thus improves your customer service.

  • 3CX Version 11 - 12.5 64 bit
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or above (Express and above)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 7 and above
  • .Net framework 4.5

Version 15

Version 15.0.40 (Beta)  August 24, 2016 (Enterprise)

  • Added support for 3CX V15
  • Added support for VoIPTools Relay V3.X


Version 14

Version 14.0.10  November 6, 2015 (Standard)

  • Support for v14 Multi-Tenant
  • Bug fixes


Version 14.0.9  October 12, 2015 (Standard)

  • Initial release of Version 14
  • Added support for version 2.X of Relay


Version 12.5

Version 12.5.4  June 10, 2015 (Standard)

  • Added auto create of monitored voicemail box if folder does not exist
  • Improved use of ajax throughout the site
  • Fixed incorrect icon in event log for successful email sent message
  • Incorporated many features and fixes from Enterprise version

Version 12.5.3   May 2, 2015

  • Released Enterprise Edition
  • Added security credentials for remote windows shares
  • Added recovery after network outages
  • Added support for monitoring multiple voicemail boxes


Version 12.0

Version 12.0.4  June 10, 2015

  •  Synchronized with Standard Edition 12.5

Version 12.0.3   May 2, 2015

  • Synchronized with Enterprise Edition 12.5

Version  September 22, 2014

  • Added support for installation on a remote server

Version July 30, 2014

  • Added support for first level queues
  • Added auto create queue feature
  • Bug fixes

Version May 23, 2014

  • Bug fixes

Version May 8, 2014

  • 3CX Relay support
  • Cloud Server support
  • Bug fixes
  • Support auto updating

Version October 20, 2013

  • Added support for 3CX Version 12
  • Enhancements to installer
  • Minor cosmetic bug fixes

Version  May 8, 2013

  • Added ability to optionally include the voicemail as an attachment with the emails
  • Added sample voicemail attachment when testing sending emails
  • Added on-screen installation instructions to initial installer
  • Added ability to select country preference for formatting dates
  • Added the ability to select Google Voice or AT&T Watson for transcriptions
  • Added additional required checks to install before permitting access to portal
  • Added push to licensing screen if licensing key has not been entered
  • Added additional messages to Windows Event Logs
  • Fixed bug adding notes in non-US countries
  • Fixed bug sending emails when authentication configured with non-Exchange mail servers
  • Fixed miscellaneous minor bugs

Version  February 26, 2013

  • Added support for up to 30 escalation levels
  • Enhanced integration with 3CX
  • Updated the user interface
  • Moved confirmation to the web portal
  • Added support for international date formats
  • Improved 3CX XML processing
  • Fixed: UTC time in emails and SQL database
  • Fixed cosmetic bug in event log
  • Removed dependence on PostgreSQL
  • Removed lock on email attachments
  • Merged code base between installer, windows service, and website
  • Fixed display issue with Chrome


  • Added additional checks for errors and additional logging messages
  • Fixed bug with inserting voicemails into SQL when transcriptions contain special characters
  • Fixed installer to include the latest code changes
  • Fixed cosmetic display issues in web pages


  • Added login security using 3CX Extension and PIN
  • Added security levels (managers and non-managers)
  • Removed access to People and Schedule settings for non-managers
  • Added ability to delete old voicemail events by date (managers only)
  • Added handling of "Heard" notifications if voicemail was deleted
  • Added ability to specify how heard notifications are accomplished by person
  • Added advanced query manager
  • Added automatic / manual restart of Windows service
  • Added real-time status of Windows service
  • Added phone number to emails and SMS text messages
  • Added support for globalization of dates
  • Optimized code and bug fixes
  • Moved "Add people" button to top of grid (out of each row) 
  • Added 3CX login for both database and configuration services to installer
  • Added ability to create/recreate individual SQL components
  • Added additional indexes to SQL tables and updated scripts
  • Fixed unexpected hang up
  • Fixed errors in event logs
  • Fixed email UTC dates to display in local times


  • Events are now grouped by Date / Time
  • Events now display 'Caller' and 'Caller Name" in place of wave file name
  • Further normalized table structure
  • Fixed minor memory leak
  • Improved creation of custom event logs


First public release 

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