3CX Relay Agent User Guide

1.Introduction #

3CX Relay Agent is a FREE utility that is used exclusively by VoIPTools products to communicate with 3CX either locally or in the cloud.
3CX permits one 3rd party application to communicate with the 3CX server at a time. To overcome this limitation, VoIPTools created the 3CX Relay Service. The Relay is a lightweight application that is installed directly on the 3CX server. The Relay exposes the 3CX Call Control API (and other VoIPTools services) to all our applications, and manages requests and events between by VoIPTools products and 3CX. The Relay also makes it possible to install our VoIPTools products on a remote server (including over the internet).

1.1. What are the Benefits?

1. Offers a streamlined approach to calling the 3CX Call Control APIs.

2. Creates an abstraction layer to insulate VoIPTools products from changes made by 3CX.

3. Allows VoIPTools products to run on a remote server separate from the 3CX server.

4. Enforces a consistent approach to integrating with 3CX.

5. Reduces the time required to develop custom 3CX integrations through code reuse.

6. Encrypts authentication between VoIPTools and 3CX.

1.2. What’s New?
Supports 3CX V14 Multi-Tenant.

1.3. How does it work?

3CX Relay Agent is used in combination with other VoIPTools products. The agent accepts multiple connections from VoIPToys products while making a single connection to 3CX.

1.4. How often should you install it?
If you have already installed the Relay, you need not install it again unless a newer version is required.

2.Prerequisites #

Before installing 3CX Relay Agent, you need to ensure that your computer meets the minimum requirements mentioned below:

1. .Net 4.7.2 or above

2. 3CX Version 15.5 – 16

3. Windows 10 or above / Windows Server 2012 or above

4. Latest version of VoIPToys product

3.Installation #

Download software

You can visit on-line at http://www.voiptools.com and download the free utility from the Download sample link. Most of the VoIPTools products offer you the facility to download the Relay Installer by clicking on the Download Relay button and install directly on 3CX Server by clicking the Install/ Upgrade Relay button.

Install Prerequisites

There are a number of prerequisites that must be installed prior to installing 3CX Relay Agent.


Install 3CX Relay Agent

This User Guide contains step-by-step instructions to successfully install 3CX Relay Agent.  Begin by extracting the installer from the downloaded zip file (Step 1 above), then run the setup program named RelaySerivcesInstaller.exe

3.1.Step by step Installation Procedure #

The following section guides you through a detailed walk-through of the installation process.

Step 1: Download 3CX Relay Agent
You can visit on-line at http://www.voiptools.com and download the free utility from the Download sample link. Most of the VoIPTools products offer you the facility to download the Relay Installer by clicking on the Download Relay button and install directly on 3CX Server by clicking the Install/ Upgrade Relay button.

Step 2: Login to 3CX Server
VoIPTools applications interact with 3CX through the VoIPTools 3CX Relay Service. The Relay must be installed on the server where 3CX is installed.

Step 3: Extract the installer from the downloaded .zip file
The file you downloaded in the above step is a compressed .zip file.

1. Position the mouse on the zip file and right-click.

2. From the popup menu, select Extract All to extract the software.

Step 4: Start the installation process

1. From the extracted folder, find the file RelayServicesInstaller.exe

2. Double-click the file to start the VoIPTools Installer.

3. In the Username field, enter VoIPTools Cloud Account username.

4. In the Password field, enter VoIPTools Cloud Account password.

5. If you do not have ‘VoIPTools Cloud Account’ then:

a. Check I don’t have a VoIPTools Cloud Account check box.

b. In the Email field, enter your new VoIPTools Cloud Account.

c. In the First Name field, enter your first name.

d. In the Last Name field, enter your last name.

e. From the Country dropdown, select your country.

f. In the Organization Name field, enter the name of your organization.

g. In the Password field, enter your new password.

h. In the Confirm Password field, confirm your password.

i. Click Register New Account button.

Figure 1: Register New Organization

j. Once the registration of account is successful, confirmation message box appears. Click OK.

Figure 2: VoIPTools Cloud Account – Registration Complete

6. Click Validate Credentials button.

Figure 3: System Validating VoIPTools Cloud Account

7. Once the validation is successful, success message box appears. Click OK.

Figure 4: Success message box

8. Click Next to continue.

Figure 5: Installation in progress

9. When the software installation is complete, click Close.

Figure 6: Installation Complete

4.Support #

Visit our website to access our on-line manuals and receive quick answers to most of your questions. Otherwise, you can contact us by phone, email, live chat and on the VoIPTools forums.

• Support Hours (USA and India)

Our team is ready to assist you with answers to your technical questions, during normal business hours, which is Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Central Standard Time), and 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Indian Standard Time).

• Windows Event Log (Applications and Services ? VoIPTools)

The Windows Event Log lists various errors, information messages and warnings related to all our VoIPTools applications and services. The data here can be used for troubleshooting various application errors.

• Forums

Our forum is intended for VoIPTools customers to collaborate on real-life challenges, solutions and best practices. You can participate on our forum at: https://www.voiptools.com/community/

• Submit a Bug

If you suspect a bug in any of our VoIPTools products, you can bring it to our notice by reporting your issue at: https://www.voiptools.com/report-a-bug/

• Live Chat

Our chat support team is ready to acknowledge your queries in real-time. You can start a live chat with us by simply clicking on the Live Chat button at the lower right corner of our web page.

• Email

You can email us at: support@voiptools.com. Be sure to describe your issue in detail. We’ll get back to you within one business day of receiving your request.

• Phone

You can call us at +1 801-642-4655 to reach a representative. VoIPTools will accept calls at this number from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Central Standard Time).

• Support Services

Free Support:

If you purchased our products through a VoIPTools Partner, your Partner will provide first level support. Partners have access to 100% free technical support, provided they participate actively in the troubleshooting process.

VoIPTools customers have access to our on-line manuals and we will respond to emails (next business day) and live chat, but we will not login to your servers remotely.

Paid Support:

If you purchase “Installation Support’ our support team can login to your servers and install and configure all our tools for you. This includes installing SQL Server Express and Internet Information Server if required. Our team will work with you to configure our applications to best meet your needs.

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