3CX V16 Call Flow Designer

3CX V16 Call Flow Designer


I received some really good news today from 3CX. Initially when 3CX V16 was first announced we were told the Call Flow Designer (CFD) would no longer be included. In its place, we would write code using some type of scripting language… no more CFD. A month or so later we were told that the CFD would be released for V16 around the Service Pack 1 timeframe (That’s still the estimated release timeframe), but that significant changes would be required. Here is the good news we received today from 3CX:


From the tests we have been doing, the migration to v16 should be straightforward. Just open the CFD v15.5 project, build it, and you should be ready to upload the output to 3CX, no changes required… To be honest, we had to add that warning (changes would be required) because we can’t be 100% sure that we’re backward compatible, especially when you use the Call Control API, as there are some breaking changes there (deprecated methods). But all the projects we had from v15.5 work without changes in v16. So, don’t worry, everything will go smoothly.


The last time 3CX retooled the Voice Application Designer (VAD) and renamed it the Call Flow Designer, it required a total rewrite of all our VAD applications and a complete retooling of our application publishing process. It took about 6 months to retool and convert all our applications at an estimated cost of around $100,000.00. This latest news from 3CX has given me hope that the transition, while delayed until SP1, will be less painful than I had envisioned.

We do know, for sure, that the CFD applications will no longer be associated with Queues, rather, they will be their own object type separate from any dependency on queues (or previously digital receptionists). That is going to have an impact on our current CFD publishing process but sounds a whole lot better than what we were initially told. There will certainly be changes required, but I’m hopeful that we can make the transition quickly… although we don’t know what we don’t know.

The reason for the delayed release of the CFD was explained by 3CX as follows:


Actually, the bottleneck is not in the CFD tool. In fact, it is almost ready… But the server team still needs to work on the service that will execute the scripts generated by the CFD (or the scripts that you can create manually yourself). So, as soon as the server is ready, we will be able to release the CFD…


For those fretting over the fact that the new CFD won’t be released until around SP1, I submit this is not a big deal. I typically don’t recommend implementing a new version of 3CX until around the SP3 timeframe anyway to ensure the kinks are all worked out and all the previous version features are included in the new release. But my recommendations fluctuate from one 3CX release to the next. Still, waiting for a SP1 release before implementing a new version of 3CX is a good idea and strongly encouraged by me.


posted on  February 8, 2019

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