AutoTask, ConnectWise, Zendesk EOL

AutoTask, ConnectWise, Zendesk EOL


When we started building tools for 3CX we were strongly urged by 3CX to focus on and build CRM plugins, which we did with considerable investment in both dollars and effort. Our CRM Plugins to this day far exceed the capabilities of the 3CX provided plugins. However, it’s clear that in spite of what 3CX is saying publically, 3CX Phone for Windows (and the associated plugins) is going to go away. And that means our CRM Plugins will no longer be useful.

I believe 3CX Phone for Windows will slowly fade away because 3CX has publically announced that no further development will be made to the product. This became abundantly clear recently when I saw questions on the 3CX forums about missing features in the latest release of 3CX Phone. The response from 3CX was that they had made changes to 3CX that were incompatible with 3CX Phone for Windows and that this necessitated the removal of the feature from 3CX Phone.

Further, 3CX has for some time been pushing people to start migrating to the web client, and they have publicly stated that all future development will be for the web client. The inclusion of a web-based phone into the web client pretty much sealed the fate of 3CX Phone in my mind. Also, we are told that V16 web client will have all the capabilities of the 3CX Phone for Windows plugins (and more!).

All these enhancements to the web client are good news for 3CX users, but bad news for the future of 3CX Phone for Windows (and MAC) and the associated plugins. It makes complete sense for 3CX to take this approach. Now rather than having to support a Windows, MAC, and Web client, 3CX can consolidate their efforts on one platform (the web) and even expand the supported platforms to include Linux clients, after all, web browsers are available on just about every conceivable platform.

The direction is clear. 3CX has pulled their own 3CX Phone For Windows plugins from their website and publically stated that they are no longer supported. As a result of this shift in focus away from 3CX Phone for Windows we have decided to End-of-life our CRM plugins and have removed them from our website as well. This includes our plugins for AutoTask, ConnectWise, and Zendesk. We will continue to support our Hubspot plugin for now simply because we use Hubspot internally and we need it for our internal purposes.

I’m a little uncomfortable about retiring several very useful tools. In the 10+ years we have been building tools for 3CX we have never dropped support for any of our tools, but I don’t think it is in our customers’ best interest for us to continue to sell and promote products for a platform that clearly is going away. I am sure that our efforts can be better spent keeping up with the changes to 3CX and ensuring compatibility with their ever-changing products. Frankly, it was a lot of work building and maintaining CRM plugins since the CRM companies are also making regular changes to their platforms and APIs.

When 3CX releases more information about the V16 integration capabilities for the web client, we will eagerly look at how we can add value to the 3CX community through custom CRM integrations, but for now we don’t have any plans to create new commercial CRM integrations as part of our Universal suite of tools. I’m not happy about the change, but we have to evolve as 3CX evolves their platform and unfortunately, 3CX Phone for Windows is going away and so too are our plugins for that platform.

We are committed to supporting all our tools for the long run. 10 years is a pretty good track record in my opinion. I’m excited to see how we can add value to the 3CX community when V16 is released. I’ll watch closely at what’s new for the web client and look for opportunities for us to add value. That’s our whole purpose for existing as a company.

posted on  February 8, 2019

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