Call Routing Can Help Provide a Positive Experience for Customers
Nothing is more frustrating for your customers than when their calls are routed to the wrong person, or they are placed on hold for a long time while someone figures out the right person to take their call. Avoid these issues with the 3CX Call Router from VoIPTools. 3CX Call Router is a collection of sophisticated call routing solutions, ideal for both large and small businesses. Regardless of the size of your business, call routing can help improve efficiency and ensure that every call that comes in is directed to the right place.
Guide to VoIP Add-Ons for Healthcare Organizations
A growing number of doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other healthcare organizations are beginning to utilize cloud-based communication tools, such as voice-over-internet-protocol systems. There are many advantages for healthcare organizations when it comes to using VoIP services. VoIP systems are safe, efficient and secure. They provide a way for large organizations, such as hospitals to streamline communications.
The Importance of Clear Communication During a Crisis Event

Learn how a 911 notifier can help your organization communicate more effectively during a crisis event.

With the threat of mass shootings, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks constantly lurking, it is important for organizations to be prepared in the event of a crisis. Communication is crucial during an emergency situation. Unfortunately, many organizations do not have a way to effectively communicate during a crisis.

When mass shootings took place near the Western Michigan University campus, the school failed to send out an emergency alert to its students that an active shooter was in the area for over 4 hours. This was a major safety failure and the school was lambasted over social media. This example shows why best practices dictate that organizations have a plan in place to ensure clear communication during crisis events.

The most important thing for people to know during a crisis situation is what the situation is and how to get to safety. The problem is, even if you have a system in place for sending out emergency alerts, you can run into the problem of congested cellular networks during crisis situations. This can make it impossible for alerts to go through as was seen during the Boston Marathon attacks when countless people lost cellular service. Verizon and Sprint blamed the shutdowns on high cellular traffic.  

Use More Than One Channel to Communicate

VoIP Tools recommends that organizations have a 911 notifier in place that utilizes more than one channel to notify the public of a crisis situation. 3CX 911 Notifier by VoIP Tools can send notifications by cellular, Voice over Internet Protocol, analog and digital phone lines, email, and SMS texts, rather than being dependent on just the cellular services. Since it does not rely on cellular service alone to send alerts, you do not have to worry about the network going down if it becomes congested.

Understand Where and Who the 911 Call is Coming From 

During an emergency, it is important to know exactly who placed the 911 call and where they are located. the 3CX 911 Notifier by VoIPTools tells emergency responders exactly where the problem is located.

Send Multiple Alerts

During a crisis situation, it is important to send alerts to everyone affected. The 3CX 911 Notifier from VoIPTools allows you to determine how the public is notified ( email, SMS, paging systems, and phone calls). This ensures that you reach the most people possible with your emergency alerts. 

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