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Hi all,


new here!  We have a couple of installs of Exporter going on and the data looks great.  What I'm wondering is whether there's any way to get historical data out of 3CX (pre install) and exported to our SQL server.  Is there a load of files somewhere that we can parse into the database?

Topic starter Posted : 25/06/2021 9:57 am
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Matthew Orr
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I assume we are talking about processing the CDR text files that 3CX can optionally create.  This feature must be turned on in 3CX at the time the call took place for the file to be created.  There is no way to retroactively create the missing CDR files.  However, the same data is all there in a more complicated form.  Take a look at the 4 tables with names that start with "cl_".  It is going to be a lot more work to duplicate the data normally summarized by the CDR files, but the historical data is there.

Posted : 28/06/2021 7:44 am