No screen pops  

Matthew Orr
Member Admin

I'm able to register my license key, and everything looks to be properly set up, but I'm not getting screen pops.

Posted : 17/06/2019 1:06 pm
Matthew Orr
Member Admin

Here are a couple of things to try:

  1. Ensure you have registered your license key on each workstation using the plugin
  2. Set your preferences to screen pop either on Ringing or Answered (recommend "ringing")
  3. Be sure you "Enabled" your plugin
  4. Restart 3CX Phone
  5. Ensure you can see presence information in 3CX Phone -- required for the plugin to work.
  6. If your 3CX server is in a different subnet than your clients, call support for assistance.
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Posted : 17/06/2019 1:11 pm

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