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Relay won't start: Missing 3CX module  

Matthew Orr
Member Admin

According to 3CX technical support, if you upgraded your 3CX PBX from version 15.0, some modules may be missing.  This is a flaw in the 3CX upgrade process.  To confirm, log into your 3CX Management console and select "Settings".  On the settings screen, if you don't see the Hotel Module icon, then you know your 3CX needs to be repaired.  The solution is to backup 3CX, uninstall 3CX, reinstall 3CX, and restore from backup.

In every case where a 3CX module was missing, this procedure enabled the Relay to start, and resulted in a properly upgraded 3CX server.

Posted : 21/02/2019 6:30 pm

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