Compatibility with 3CX Alpha release

I am a little surprised that I’m feeling compelled to make this post, but the fact is that we are seeing customers already upgrading their production 3CX servers from V16 to V18 Alpha 4 and 5.  Sometimes the upgrades were unintentional, while other times it was a deliberate choice.  Nevertheless, 3CX clearly states that the Alpha and Beta versions are NOT recommended for production use.  While I have heard some reports that these early Alpha releases are “pretty stable”, I would not recommend upgrading your production 3CX server until the production release.  In fact, for major upgrades like V18, I typically recommend delaying upgrades until Service Pack 2 or 3.

If you are running a pre-release version of V18 and you need our tools, we have beta versions available today.  Contact our Support Department to coordinate your install.

When 3CX released Alpha 1 of V18, we immediately started testing all of our tools and implemented the necessary changes to maintain compatibility.  We have continued that testing through each pre-release (currently Alpha 5).  However, because these are not production releases from 3CX, and we anticipate regular and rapid updates as we move from alpha to beta to release candidates, we are not performing our usual extensive QA process on these early releases.  For now, we are focusing on the major features of our tools, but extensive testing will not be performed until we get closer to the final release.

If you have already upgraded your 3CX to one of the early pre-release versions of V18, my recommendation is to revert back to V16.  If you cannot revert, then you are welcome to test the early beta versions of our tools — just understand, like 3CX, these versions are not intended for production use.



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