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You get almost every VoIPTools commercial product there are a few very industry specific products that are left out, but for the most part you get access to everything we sell, and that list will grow as new products are added in the future.

Support is purchased separately. If you purchase Support, you are entitled to unlimited live person troubleshooting and installation assistance. If you do not purchase Support, you are entitled to access our knowledge base, which includes installation guides and help files. You may also submit issues and questions via email to our help desk. We will get back to you in 24 working hours with an initial response. You can purchase support on this page at the time of purchasing VoIPTools or you may upgrade your subscription to include support at a later time if you wish.

You can, but 3CX doesn't like it when you install anything on the same server as 3CX, so we created our simple Relay Agent tool that runs in the background on your 3CX server and communicates with the VoIPTools products on whatever server or machine you choose. You can even install VoIPTools products on virtual machines!

You simply run the installer of the products you want to use and it'll take you through the process. We will have installation guides for all products shortly. Please let us know if you need any assistance.

VoIPTools is an annual subscription with either monthly or annual payments. You sign up and gain access to ALL VoIPTools products for as long as you are subscribed! It really is that easy!

Absolutely. Pay in advance for the year and get one month free!

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