New Features to Existing Products

New Features to Existing Products

What's New?

Finding time is always a challenge for me.  But I thought it might be beneficial for me to highlight whenever we add a new feature to one of our products here in my blog.  Let’s see if I can make this a habit.

  • Robo Dialer:  We have been working hard on the dialer to make it more efficient.  One of the recent changes was to eliminate the use of some of the CFD applications and now we are making calls directly (for Prompt and Direct call types).  This has simplified both the install (fewer restarts of the Queue Manager service) and the application runs faster.
  • Auto Voicemail:  We have added the ability to upload professionally recorded messages, and the ability to change the names of the recordings.
  • Emergency (911) Notifier:  Our first release of our desktop notification client was released last week.  This tool will be seeing several improvements in the coming weeks, but that’s probably the biggest change right now.
  • Competitive Wallboard:  We are adding idle time, and Agent Presence Status as new fields.  These features will be ready for release in the next couple of days.
  • Exporter:  This feature has been around for a while now, but I’ll mention it nevertheless… we can now process CDR files as well as synchronize data between PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL or MySQL.
  • HTTP API:  This feature has been around for a while now, but maybe didn’t get a lot of notice.  We can now perform a MakeCallPlayFile.  It makes a call, plays the selected audio, and hangs up.  And a feature I forgot we had was MakeCall(<extension>, <other party>, <callerID>).  This feature allows you to change your outbound caller ID prior to placing a call.
  • Survey Creator: (formally Post Call Surveyor) can now upload prompts directly to 3CX without the need for a Windows share and all the hassles that entailed (security headaches).  We renamed the product because we discovered that people are using the tool not just for post-call surveys, but more generally.
  • Surveyor: (preview dialer):  We added a new Qualification widget, and we added the ability to have the dialer automatically dial the next contact when you move to the next contact.

We are constantly improving our existing products, but here is a tease of a couple of new products soon to be made available in beta:

  • CRM Plugin for Hubspot
  • Shared Reception Console for shared office spaces

There are probably lots more new features that have been released recently, but that’s what comes to mind at the moment.


posted on  July 30, 2018

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