The latest estimate from 3CX is the Voice Application Designer (VAD) will be released sometime around March. This is just the latest estimate. Originally, the VAD was scheduled for release in September. Further information is available in the details section.
VoIPTools V15 Product Releases -Friday, July 29, 2016

Last updated: January 23, 2017

With the release of 3CX Version 15 Service Pack 1, we will start releasing our V15 products. You can check which products are available for V15 in the "details" section of this posting.

We have had to make significant changes to our VoIPTools Relay to support V15 while maintaining backward compatibility with previous versions of our products. Many of our products are dependent on 3CX releasing a version of the Voice Application Designer (VAD) for 3CX version 15. This is not scheduled to be released until March. As a result, we will not be able to provide 100% feature parity with our V14 products until VAD support is made available by 3CX.

VoIPTools support for 3CX version 15 -Friday, July 8, 2016

3CXV15With 3CX version 15 scheduled for official release in the next few days, our customers are asking when VoIPTools will support 3CX V15. The good news is we plan to support 3CX V15 within days of its official release.

Hyderabad Facility

In December VoIPTools opened a new facility in Hyderabad India. The new facility employs more than 30 programmers, with plans to expand to 60+ programmers in the coming months. The office space provides an improved working environment for our staff, facilitates additional space for team projects, and adds room to expand.


ClickToCall Today VoIPTools released a completely new version of 3CX Click To Call. With this web control and API it’s easy for your customers to request a call from you right from your website. They simply enter their phone number and press “call” and your 3CX server will immediately call them on the phone and automatically connect them to the desired extension. This extension can be a Ring Group, Call Queue, Digital Receptionist, user extension… any valid extension within 3CX.
Reasons to record phone conversations -Friday, January 15, 2016
Call Recording Do you or a client record your calls using 3CX? Do you even know the benefit of recording your calls? How many do you have? How do you manage that many recordings? Is it easy to search for a particular recording? I already know that the answer to the last question is “No, it’s not easy”. Let us show you some of the benefits of recording your phone conversations, and how 3CX Recording Manager makes it EASY!

VoIPTools Merger What has changed at VoIPToys? Well…everything! In October we merged with a much larger company called GoldCRM. This has given us access to over 30+ programmers, and a dedicated QA department. This has allowed us refine our whole customer experience! From time of purchase, installation, and functionality of our products. It is our goal to make sure you never use 3CX without VoIPTools products again.