3CX Emergency (911) Notifier

Increase Safety And Security

3CX Emergency (911) Notifier

NEW! Now supports the Linux version of 3CX

Know immediately who dialed the emergency number, create panic buttons, and create speed alarms that play through your paging system and phone speakers.

You have complete control over emergency notifications with 3CX Emergency Notifier. You control the content of notifications, who is notified, and how they are notified (email, SMS text, and phone call). Show emergency responders exactly where the problem is located. You can even program your phone with panic buttons and continuous alarms too!

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We understand the extreme importance of safety in schools and the workplace, this is why we created Emergency Notifier. We strongly urge you to take a hard look at this tool and think of how you should apply it to your organization.

This is a "MUST HAVE" feature for educational facilities, businesses with multiple buildings, or anyone who wants a better way to manage emergencies.

Matthew Orr- founder: VoIPTools LLC


The best solutions for your company


Emergency notifications by phone, email, text

Multiple notification channels means the people who need to know are always notified instantly


New! Panic button on your VoIP phone

Program panic buttons on your VoIP phone. Notify emergency responders with a single button press.


New! Continuous alarms initiated from your phone

Initiate fire alarm by pressing a button on your phone. Turn it off by pressing the same button a 2nd time.


Monitor for Emergency Calls

When the emergency number is dialed, Automatically send emails, texts, and/or direct phone calls to your designated emergency responders and staff with the exact location of the emergency.


Know location of emergency

know exactly where the emergency exist by building, floor, pillar, and cubicle number.


Upload locations to telecom provider

Export extension locations to carrier to ensure emergency responders go to the right location.

Some of the benefits


Instant Notifications

Whether someone has pressed a panic button, alarm, or dialed an emergency number, you have instant notifications.


Safety First

With panic buttons your reception staff can silently notify important responders that a problem exists without increasing tentions


Fast Response

With instant notifications comes faster response times. This is essential when dealing with critical emergencies.


Save Money

No need to implement costly wall alarm systems. Use the infrastructure you already have including phone speakers and overhead paging systems


Document Event

Protect yourself by recording notes about the event, what happened, who responded, and actions taken while the event is fresh.



What's New


More details about the feature

Watch the web demo! View the recorded webinar below for more information!



3CX Emergency Notifier is a web based application, so there is no need to install applications on staff computers.


New!  Now you can program buttons on your phone for:

  • Emergency Notifications (Example:  Panic Button)
  • Continuous alarms (Examples: Fire, Tornado warnings)


If your VoIP phone has programmable buttons, you can now program buttons to instantly initiate audible alarms that play through your overhead paging system, and through the speakers on your phones.

Need to send emergency notifications to roaming employees?  We can simultaneously send emails, texts, and direct phone calls to your designated emergency responders.

For continuous alarms (Fire alarm for example), pressing the button on your phone initiates the alarm, and pressing the same button a second time turns off the alarm.

Need a silent alarm?  We can do that too!  You choose whether an alarm plays an audible alarm, or silently sends emergency notifications.

Don’t have programmable buttons on your phone?  No problem, you can still dial the extension associated with the desired alarm.


Know immediately who dialed 911 with 3CX 911 Notifier.

Whether you are a small school, or a large campus of buildings, you need to know immediately who dialed 911. With 3CX 911 Notifier, your emergency responders will know exactly where to go.

3CX 911 Notifier will call, email, or text:

  • call any phone number you add
  • email any email address added
  • text message any phone number

Notify critical staff immediately when 911 has been dialed.
 Notifications will include:

  • Who called (Extension, Mobile Number, First and Last name)
  • Where (Address, Floor, Pillar, Cubicle)
  • Notifications are easily customizable


Know exactly where the emergency exists and who made the phone call to 911.

  • Customize notification messages.
  • Easily manage contacts and extension location information.
  • Security through your 3CX extension and PIN.


3CX 911 Notifier also provides logs of all events.  You can easily review events, who was notified, and how, and update notes on an event so you have a record of what happened and who responded.

  • 3CX Version 12 or above (Windows Only)
  • Windows 7 Pro and above, Windows Server 2008 R2 and above
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express and above
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) 7.0 and above
  • .Net 4.6.1 and above

Note: Windows 10 has a much better Text-To-Speech engine compared to Windows 7 and 8.

Version 15.0.53 Feburary 22, 2017
  • Added support for BLF Speed Dials (Panic Button)
  • Added support for BLF Speed Dials (continuous alarms)
  • Added support for latest relay
  • Updated to latest version of controls
Version 15.0.40 November 15, 2016
  • Added support for filtering who is notified based on extension’s location
  • Added support for latest VoIPTools Relay
  • Updated controls
  • Fixed bug in update control
Version 15.0.22  (Beta for 15) September 29 2016
  • Version 15 Update
Version 14.0.18  April 8 2016
  • Added the ability to install on a remote server (not the 3CX server)
  • Improved interface elements
  • Upgraded to use new licensing components
  • General improvements
Version  08/15/2014
  • Bug fixes
  • Support updating extensions during import
Version  05/23/2014
  • Bug fixes
  • Support for auto updating software
Version  04/21/2014
  • Support for v12
  • Support for 3CX Relay
  • New Installer
  • Bug fixes
Version  04/06/2013
  • Added dynamic voice message using Text-To-Speech
Version  04/04/2013
  • Initial Public Release


Anything unclear?

Need more info? Check out our knowledgebase

Sure! If you can call the extension or phone number from 3CX, you can send phone notifications through it.

Yes! 3CX Emergency Notifier now fully supports 3CX 15.5 (Windows) and the new Call Flow Designer. Coming soon to the Cloud and Linux too!