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Caller ID

NEW! Now supports the Linux version of 3CX

3CX Caller ID temporarily changes your extension’s outbound caller ID number. This add-on makes it simple for your call center agents to select the desired caller ID number, before placing a call.

The selected caller ID may represent a specific organization, or geographical region. Regardless of the purpose, you have complete control over your outbound caller ID number.

For example, if your call center makes calls in behalf of a specific organization, the agent’s outbound Caller ID will reflect the phone number of the selected organization. Alternatively, if calling customers in a specific geographical region, you can ensure your caller ID matches the region of the customer.

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We saw requests for this feature over and over on the 3CX forums. Now there is a solution for easily changing your outbound caller ID number. Want to see more options? Let us know!

Matthew Orr- Founder: VoIPTools, LLC


The best solutions for your company


Set, Call, Revert

Calling in a specific region today? Set your caller ID, make your calls, and revert back to your default Caller ID.


Choose by Name not Number

Display your phone numbers using a meaningful name rather than a phone number to make selecting the right DID easy


Simple Organization

Whether you need to organize your DIDs by customer name, or geographical region, you have complete control of how numbers are presented to your agents.


Simple Interface

It truly couldn't be easier. Select the number from a combo box and let 3CX Caller ID handle the hard part. Ready to revert back to your original caller ID? Just press Revert.


Conserve Screen Space

Need to conserve screen space? Hide the header section to make a small interface tiny.


Web is Universal

Nothing to install. Access from anywhere. Use the device of your choice. You just need a browser.

Some of the benefits


Web Portal

The application is web based, so there is noting to install on the agent’s computer. This means the agent can work from anywhere, using any operating system (Windows, Linux, or iOS)


Local Number for Better Results

When calling potential customers, ensuring your caller ID is local to the region you are calling results in better answer rates.


Call in behalf of your Customer

Are you a call center that calls in behalf of your customers? Now you can make your caller ID display your customer's phone number.


Customers call back the right number

Want to control the number your customer calls back? Use this add-on to display the correct call back number



What's New


More details about the feature

  • 3CX Version 14-15.5 (Windows Only)
  • Windows Pro 7 – 10, Windows Server 2008 R2 – 2016
  • Internet Information Server (IIS) V7 and above
  • SQL Server 2008 – 2017 (Including free Express edition)
  • Microsoft.Net 4.6


v18.0.30 – December 28, 2021

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the updater to fail.

v16.0.30 – December 28, 2021

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the updater to fail.

v18.0.28 – October 20, 2021

  • Added Global Updater.
  • Converted from GUI Installer to “Advanced Installer”.
  • Compactible to Windows 10
  • Tested in both V18 Windows & Linux.


Version 15.5.4  February 12, 2018

  • Initial Public Release


Anything unclear?

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Yes, You can use Linux version of 3CX

It's been tested with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, IE.

That depends. Most SIP providers will allow you to set your outbound caller ID by extension. However, some carriers will restrict what numbers you can present to only those numbers you own. You will have to contact your carrier to confirm. There are plenty of 3CX supported SIP trunk carriers that don't restrict your outbound caller ID.