NEW 3CX Custom Presence

Create your own custom presence statues

NEW 3CX Custom Presence

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Out of the box, 3CX provides 5 presence statuses (Available, Away, Do Not Disturb, Lunch, and Business Trip). 

If you need more statuses to choose from, you need 3CX Custom Presence.  With this new tool, you can create an unlimited number of statuses.  For example, you might want additional statuses for "Break", "Project Work", "Wrap-up", "Vacation" etc.  This is now possible.

Do you need to track the use of statuses over time to identify where staff is spending time or abusing "Do Not Disturb"? Now you can!

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For years we have seen requests for the ability to create additional custom presence statuses, both in the 3CX forums and directly from our customers. Today, you can create an unlimited number of your own custom presence statuses. This provides the ability to see, in real-time, what your agents are doing, and report on their activities over time.

Matthew Orr- Founder, VoIPTools LLC


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Unlimited Statuses

You are no longer limited to the 5 built-in presence statuses. Now you can have as many custom statuses as you want!


Color Coding

You can select unique colors for each custom status


Easy Reporting

Now you can easily report on historical presence data -- something you cannot do with 3CX out of the box!


Map your custom status to a 3CX status

Map your custom status to one of the five built-in statuses so the correct information displays in the 3CX clients


Filter and Group Historical Data

It is simple to take large amounts of historical presence data and group, filter, and export the information all on the same page


Real-time Wallboard

View and update your status and see the presence of your colleagues in real-time from the same screen.

Some of the benefits


Better tracking of staff activity

Now you have more granular tracking of how your staff are spending their time


View current phone calls

On the Team Status screen, see the real-time status of your colleagues and their phone status


See additional status notes

Easily get additional status notes for your colleagues so you know when they will be back in the office, what they are working on, etc.


Status in real-time

Real-time updates enable you to know status changes as they happen, whether they are on the phone, and additional notes about their status



What's New

A brief overview of 3CX Custom Presence Status

New features coming in the next release:

  • Optional ability to restrict access to groups based on group membership in 3CX
  • Select the desired group to display from a list of 3CX groups


More details about the feature

Finally! Now you can track and report on presence status usage. This enables you to see how much time is spent on specific activities and identify when staff is abusing “Away”, “Break Time” etc. We capture all presence status changes and the amount of time in each status.