3CX Profile Manager New!

Simplified Queue & Group Membership Assignments

3CX Profile Manager New!

Ensuring users are always assigned to the correct queues, extension groups, and ring groups is a challenge especially for large organizations. Using "Profiles" makes the error-prone and time-consuming task of user management simple and fast.

There are only 2 easy steps : (1) give a profile a name ("Sales" for example) and assign the desired resources to the profile. (2) Assign a user to the profile. The profile will automatically assign the user to the correct resources. Even better, if you update the profile, all the assigned users are automatically updated too.

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Setting up new users and maintaining the right group and queue assignments just got a whole lot easier. Now you select the desired user, and the correct profile, and you are done.

Matthew Orr- Founder: VoIPTools


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Restricted Access

Secure access to profile management is restricted to only 3CX System Administrators. 3CX Extension Group managers have read-only access to view assignments.


Secure Web-Based Interface

3CX Profile Manager uses a secure web-based user interface. All communication is encrypted. Authentication is required to access the application


No client Install

Because the application is web-based, there is no client installation needed. You can access the management tool from any authorized location using any device with a browser.


Immediate Updates

Because of our tight integration with 3CX, all resource assignment changes to users and profiles are immediately updated in 3CX enabling fast updates


Unlimited Profiles and Users

There are no restrictions on the number of profiles you can create, or the number of users you manage. Pricing is based on the size of your 3CX server, not the number of users.


Included in our Universal Subscription

With VoIPTools you do not need to pick-and-choose what tools you need because you get them all! Profile manager is part of our Universal suite of tools

Some of the benefits


Improved Accuracty

In complex environments ensuring users are assigned to all the correct resources requires careful administration. Using profiles removes the human element from the process by assigning users to resources automatically.


Save Time

In dynamic work environments, it takes a lot of time to ensure all the correct users are assigned to or updated with the correct resources. Using Profiles reduces hours of effort to seconds.


Easy User Set Up

Setting up a new user is a tedious task that often requires assignments to specific queues, extension groups, and ring groups. Using profiles turns a complex multi-step process into a single easy step.


Easy User Updates

As organizations change and user responsibilities evolve, it is frequently necessary to reassign users to new or different resources. Updating a profile automatically updates all the assigned users to the right resources automatically.



What's New


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v18.0 – December 28, 2021

  • Initial release