NEW! 3CX Queues Wallboard

Monitor Agents and Calls in selected queues

NEW! 3CX Queues Wallboard

This wallboard provides two different real-time views into the activity of your call center.

The Agents View

This view displays a list of all the agents assigned to a filtered list of queues. The wallboard separates agents into 5 columns:

  • Agents connected to a queue call
  • Agents idle
  • Agents connected to a non-queue call
  • Agents not available (presence)
  • Agents logged out of the queue

In addition to displaying the state of agents, you can also interact with agents using context-aware popup menus.
Actions include invoking commands: Whisper, Barge, and Listen. In addition, you can change the agent's presence status, log them in/out of queues, initiate a call to an agent, or drop a call right within the wallboard display.

The Queues view

This view displays a list of all the callers waiting in the selected queues, grouped by the amount of time the caller has been waiting. This view shows two important timers: (1) how long the caller has been waiting in the current queue, and (2) how long the caller has been in the phone system (the actual amount of time the caller has been trying to speak to the correct person).

You configure grouping of calls into 3 groups: (1) Red: Callers waiting the longest, (2) Yellow: Callers waiting longer than desired, and (3) White: Callers waiting for an acceptable amount of time.

Real-time information is vital to effectively managing your call center agents and queues. Viewing consolidated data across your organization, with the ability to filter down to exactly the information you need is awesome! This tool enables you to see exactly what your agents are doing, and the callers waiting in your queues.

Matthew Orr- Founder, VoIPTools LLC


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Monitor agent state in real-time

Now you can actually see what your agents are doing in real-time. Who is in a call, which agents are currently idle, see agents who are unavailable or logged out of the queues


Interact with agents with popup-menus

Interacting with the agents is now possible. You can log agents in/out of queues, change their presence status, whisper, listen, barge... all from the same page you use to monitor your agent's activity.


View callers waiting

Monitor all queue calls across your call organization. Calls are grouped by how long they have been waiting in the current queue AND how long they have been in the phone system.


Filter displayed information

Monitor all your agents or filter down to exactly the agents you want. Filter by queue, group, and specific agents within these groups. Filter calls waiting across all queues or only those queues you need.


Use simple web-based Interface

Because the wallboards are web based, no client application needs to be installed. And because it is web-based, you can use any device with a web browser


Access from anywhere

Whether you choose to permit access to real-time data from anywhere using your browser, or lock down access to only internal users, the choice is yours.

Some of the benefits


Manage staffing levels based on demand

Now that you can monitor all your queues across your organization, managing the state of agents can be based on real-time call volume.


Monitor agent state in real-time

Need to know how many agents are available to service callers? Now you can see which agents are on the phone, idle, "available", or logged out of your queues.


Assist agents through listen / whisper

Now you can call agents, drop calls, listen, whisper, barge, change presence status, and log agents in/out of queues right from within the same wallboards you use to monitor agents and queue calls.


View all calls across queues

Getting an accurate picture of your current workload requires being able to view all calls waiting across your organization. With the Queues view you can see the calls waiting in selected queues grouped by hold time



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v18.0.06 – December 29, 2021

  • Initial Release

v16.0.06 – December 29, 2021

  • Initial Release