3CX Recording Beep

Legal compliance and courtesy

3CX Recording Beep

With 3CX, even small business owners can now record phone calls automatically. However, in many municipalities, there is a legal requirement to notify callers when their call is being recorded. To ensure legal compliance and be courteous to your callers, you need 3CX Recording Beep. This tool ensures legal compliance by inserting an audible beep into your phone calls at specified intervals ensuring your callers know their call is being recorded.



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Once the phone call has started to record, the 3CX Recording Beep waits for the specified initial delay (in seconds) and then plays an audible beep to alert both the call participants about the ongoing call recording. This will be the last beep for the call if you have opted to play the beep only once. However, if you have opted to play the beep throughout the ongoing call, then the 3CX Recording Beep continues to play the beep according to the configured frequency (in seconds) until the call lasts.