3CX Recording Manager

Recording Management Simplified

3CX Recording Manager

NEW! Now supports the Linux version of 3CX

With 3CX Recording Manager you can easily manage (search, play, download, archive, compress, delete, purge, export, score, and add notes) your call recordings using a simple web portal.

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Our design goals for 3CX Recording Manager, are (1) make it simple to find the recording you want fast, (2) reduce your long-term disk storage demands through archiving, and (3) help ensure quality customer service through agent reviews / scoring. Discover how much better recordings management can be!

Matthew Orr- Founder: VoIPTools


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Improved Speed

Now search 30 times faster! Search more than a million recordings in less than 1/2 second


Archive Recordings

Need to keep recordings for regulatory compliance? Use the archive function to keep a permanent record.


Quality Assurance

Review calls made by agents. Score how they handled the customer. Provide feedback with recording notes


Manage Disk Space

Recordings can take up a ton of disk space. We can compress your recordings to require 1/2 the original space without audio degradation.


MP3 Format

Need a compatible recording format for your Android device? We can email and archive in MP3 format.


Granular Access

Managers can access recordings based on 3CX Extension Group membership.

Some of the benefits


Secure access to recordings

Access recordings from a simple web portal, rather than the 3CX management console. Individuals can only see their personal recordings. Managers can review recordings made by their team members.


Minimize storage requirements

Compress your recordings to 1/2 the original size without audio degradation. Implement a retention police to delete old recordings.


Archive recordings

Archive recordings for mandated retention. Remove the ability to delete archived recordings.



What's New


More details about the feature

3CX Recording Manager makes everything EASY!

  • Easy to find, listen, and manage 3CX Recordings
  • Easy to install/update
  • Easy to use with standard browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari)
  • Easy access via PC, MAC, or Smart Phone
  • Easy to delete old recordings that take up lots of space on the server
  • Easy to administer using the built-in 3CX login database
  • Easy to manage which extensions are recorded right from the web portal
  • Easy to purchase (uses free tools from Microsoft)


3CX does a great job recording calls.  With 3CX Recording Manager now it’s easy to manage these recordings.

v18.0.157 – January 13, 2022

  • Changed to record inbound and external calls without deleting recordings.
  • Updated copyright year to 2022.



v18.0.155 – January 3, 2022

  • Increased the speed in which recordings appear on screen.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing recordings from updating.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the updater to fail.



v18.0.153 – November 25, 2021

  • Fixed an issue where archived recordings were not saving to the destination folder.


Anything unclear?

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3CX prefers that nothing be installed directly on the 3CX server other than 3CX. This includes anti-virus, SQL Server, etc. This greatly simplifies the environment they have to support, and may improve reliability.

While technically required, we recommend you install 3CX Recording Manager on a separate virtual machine or physical server. Let's keep 3CX happy!