Wrap-Up Codes

Easily track the disposition of every call

Track Disposition

Track what happened with every call, inbound and outbound.

Agent Statistics

Track agent activity — who is capturing the most leads or making the most sales


Enter detailed notes about the purpose and end result of every call

Unlimited Codes

Create custom codes for your specific needs

Classify / Disposition Your Phone Calls

Wrap-up codes (also called disposition codes) enable you to classify the purpose or result of your phone calls. When you make or receive a phone call, a popup will display that enables you to select from a pre-defined list of codes. For example, a support department may use codes like “Installation issue”, or “Hardware failure”, while a sales department may classify a call as “follow-up” or “lead”. The ability to classify, track, and report on where you are spending your time enables you to fine-tune your business processes.

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