Auto Call Back Beta

Automatically Call Back

Auto Call Back Beta

When you call an extension and the number busy, now you can choose to either leave a voicemail or request a call back when the extension becomes available.

Need to call someone as soon as they get off the phone? Now you can have 3CX monitor the extension and automatically connect you to the person when they become available.

Matthew Orr- Owner / Founder


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Set how frequently to check

Eliminate wasted processing power by setting how frequently to check the availability of the two extensions

Check phone and presence status

Auto Call Back will monitor both the status of the phone as well as the extension's presence status to determine availability

Set how long to monitor the extension

You can set how long Auto Call Back will monitor the extension for a call back from minutes to hours. It is up to you.

Extensions can opt-in for call backs

Each extension can choose whether to opt-in to receive auto call backs.

Manage settings from your browser

You can manage the settings from anywhere. Using your browser, login and modify the settings, or check for new releases.

Log call back requests / activity

Keep track of requests, and attempts to place call backs using the built-in logging system.

Some of the benefits

Call Back as soon as available

Need to have an urgent conversation, but the person is currently on the phone? Have 3CX call them back when available

Stop wasting time monitoring

You no longer need to keep checking to see if someone is off the phone. Let 3CX monitor the extension for you.

Catch them before they leave

Been trying to catch someone on the phone for hours only to have them leave before you can call them back? Not any more.

Ensure both parties are available

3CX can now monitor the remote extension's availability and your extension at the same time. When both extensions are available 3CX will initiate the call back.



What's New

  • Initial beta release scheduled for January 27, 2021.


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Anything unclear?

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Because auto-call back uses a Call Flow Designer application, the Professional or Enterprise edition of 3CX is required.

Yes, whether you use a physical phone or any of the 3CX client applications -- web, Windows, or physical.

No. Because there is no way to monitor the status of an outside number (busy for example), this tool only works with extension to extension calls.

Yes. However, keep in mind that the monitoring service and administrative console are Windows applications.