Custom 3CX Integration Made Easy


New! Now available for Linux and Windows

Building custom integrations with 3CX just got a whole lot easier with the new VoIPTools REST / RPC API. Built into our Relay is an extensive API with hundreds of methods. Gone is the complex challenge of connecting to and using the undocumented 3CX Call Control API.

Access real-time and historical data via your browser, our .Net Framework client, or .Net Core. It's up to you!

Need access to call detail records, queue statistics, or active calls? Now you have complete access to ALL 3CX data through our REST-based API.

But we don't stop there. We also have a SignalR / Websockets API that makes it pathetically simple to subscribe to real-time phone system events.

What's really cool? You now have access to the exact same API all our applications use. So if our applications can do it, you can do it!

Matthew Orr- Owner / Founder

Some of the benefits

Simple to Access

Now you can access 3CX data directly from your browser, or easily build your own applications using either our .Net Framework or .Net Core client DLLs.

Build On Our Experience

We have been building 3CX solutions for more than 10 years. You don't have to start from scratch. Leverage our years of experience in your applications. And because we use the same API in our applications, we constantly expand and improve upon our API.

Built-in Documentation

Since the API is built into our Relay, you always have easy access to the API documentation through the Relay's web-based administrative console. And because the documentation is part of the Relay web interface, you know the documentation is specific to your version of the API.

Thousands of Testers

Because we use the same API in all our commercial applications, you effectively benefit from thousands of testers around the world. That makes building your solution with our API far more reliable than building your own solution from scratch. And we maintain compatibility with new versions of 3CX!

No limitations

Our API is not limited to just the commands exposed by the 3CX Call Control API. We include hundreds of our own APIs not available from 3CX. Need a custom API not currently available through our existing API? No problem! We can add new APIs to meet your specific needs.

Need Some Help?

If you need more help than the documentation can provide, whether you need basic answers to how 3CX functions under the covers, or how to use our API, or if you need our help to build a custom solution, we are here to help.



What's New


More details about the feature

Evolving and Expanding Documentation

Making our API publically available to you is a new endeavor for us. Honestly, we are playing a little catch-up on the documentation. But with each new release of the Relay you will find expanded and enhanced documentation. We will provide examples of the syntax, sample output, and even let you try the API right from within the documentation.


Anything unclear?

Need more info? Check out our knowledgebase

No. Like all our products, the API is included in our Universal suite of tools. We are constantly adding more tools to the suite to make our tools attractive to a broad user-base. Further, we don't typically offer individual tools (like the API) to be purchased separately except for very large implementations.

Under the covers, our API is based on HTTP or Websockets. That means whether your 3CX server is in the cloud, or on-prem, you can talk to 3CX through our Relay over TCP port 8800 (default). Our API is hosted by our Relay which must be installed directly on the 3CX server. Whether you are making requests of 3CX, or receiving events from 3CX, all requests go through our Relay.

Yes. While we have a very extensive API with hundreds of methods, we regularly create new APIs to meet our expanding needs. If you need an API that we don't currently have, we can build it for you -- sometimes for free, and other times (for very time-consuming projects) with a little funding from you.

Yes. For basic questions, we will do our best to answer your questions for free. However, at some point, you may cross over into consulting territory which would require some funding to cover our time. Or, we can always build the application for you.

A good consultant always qualifies their answer with "that depends". Remember, our commercial applications depend on the exact same API to communicate with 3CX. Therefore, we have to update our API whenever 3CX makes changes.

Sometimes the 3CX changes are small and can be incorporated into the Relay quickly, while other times the changes are quite complex. We try to release an update to our Relay within a few days of a new release of 3CX. Certainly, when you upgrade your 3CX to a new FULL version, you will also need to update our Relay to the current version.