Recording Manager: New Feature — Record only inbound external calls

Recording Manager: New Feature — Record only inbound external calls


We were asked by a call center customer if Recording Manager could be configured to only record inbound external calls.  The answer now is “yes”.  While 3CX may still record all the calls, behind the scenes, Recording Manager can delete any recordings made of calls that are not inbound external calls.

In large 3CX deployments, storage can quickly be consumed by recordings.  This feature deletes unwanted recordings in real-time.  This is different from a retention policy that deletes ALL recordings older than a specified date.  With this feature, Recording Manager only deletes recordings that are internal or outbound external calls.

3CX really only provides two choices when it comes to Recording calls: (1) all calls for an extension, or (2) on-demand manual recordings. This new feature offers additional flexibility for deciding what recordings are important, and because the removal of unwanted recordings happens in real-time, disk utilization is minimized.

posted on  October 24, 2018

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