Ending support for older versions of 3CX

Ending support for older versions of 3CX



3CX has effectively made it necessary for all 3CX customers to upgrade to 3CX 15.5 SP6. While it is “possible” to continue to run older versions of 3CX, the risk of doing so makes it infeasible for a production environment.

For those who have not heard, 3CX had to make changes to their activation servers (for security reasons). The changes mean that you can no longer activate 3CX servers older than V15.5 SP6. Because there are many common reasons why a 3CX server might need to reactivate, older versions of 3CX could fail unexpectedly. You really have no choice but to upgrade.

Since EVERYONE MUST upgrade to 3CX 15.5 SP6, and 3CX announced V16 yesterday, we have decided to drop further development for older versions of 3CX. While our tools will continue to work on older versions of 3CX, we will not be releasing any updates for versions older than 15.5. This is the first time we have stopped supporting older versions of 3CX (we still have products available for download for V10).

Pragmatically, this change in our support policy will probably not impact any of our customers since we have not seen an activation on an older 3CX server in a long time. Regardless, here at VoIPTools are committed to supporting all our customers, and providing regular updates to all our products.

posted on  December 5, 2018

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