New feature: 3CX Robo Dialer:
Adding and stripping digits


Keeping track of phone calls in the 3CX Call Control API is a messy business. It’s been particularly challenging getting our dialer to work in all environments. One of the challenges was making outbound calls, getting the resulting unique 3CX call ID, playing the correct prompt, and then transferring the call. The complexity of this process was compounded by the need to control the outbound caller ID, and handling the prepending and stripping of digits along the way. Mucking with the phone number in outbound rules was just one of many headaches that came along.

Happily, we have added a new feature to our dialer that allows you to prepend digits to the phone number prior to dialing so you can force the call out a particular trunk (to control the outbound caller ID). We also now support stripping those extra digits too. Adding and stripping digits was really messing with our ability to track the right call through the process, but it’s now fully supported in our latest release.


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