VoIPTools Wallboard: New queue views!

VoIPTools Wallboard: New queue views!


Leader Board

In the coming days, we will be releasing an update to our existing wallboard to include some additional views.  Our original wallboard view is a “Leader Board” that displays agent activity with the most productive agents listed at the top of the list while less productive agents fall toward the bottom.  It’s a great tool for motivating staff to be productive by introducing some gamification elements to the work environment while allowing managers to easily monitor performance.

Unlike the 3CX Wallboard, our leaderboard wallboard monitors both inbound and outbound calls, whether the calls come to the agent through a queue or direct calls to/from the extension.  This wallboard monitors all external calls, not just queue calls.


New Features:

We have added some new columns to the Leader Board.  We now show the current 3CX presence setting (Available, Away, DND, etc.) and a timer that shows how long the agent has been in the current status.  These columns update in real-time.  I anticipate we will release a new report that shows how long agents were in each status.



New Queue Views

3CX has a great built-in wallboard, but it has one limitation — you can only see one queue at a time.  We are adding two new views to our wallboard to display multiple queues.  These views display typical queue statistics, but I would like to point out one column in particular.  “Available Agents” displays the count of agents who are logged into the queue and available.  This data is obtained using our new Windows/Linux Relay.


Multi-Queue View

Simple Multi-Queue View

posted on  October 9, 2018

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